REAL ESTATE: As a Timeshare buyer, if your purchase method is not under the hammer, chances are you will be dealing with negotiation in some shape or form. Whether that’s negotiating with the vendor via the agent, negotiating against other competing buyers or submitting a ‘one and only’ offer, it’s important to think carefully about how to make your offer stand out for all the right reasons.

LOCAL: Our network of local real estate professionals apply their local market knowledge to create a comprehensive and customized plan for a home that takes into consideration all avenues of marketing: print, digital, public relations, advertising and social media to guide them in this. We have a team of experts for brand marketing that stand ready to offer assistance and insight, we also have an array of tools and resources they can tap into.


HOW DID OUR COMPANY BECOME INVOLVED WITH THESE TIMESHARE RESALES? You might find it odd for a title company to be involved in buying a Timeshare, so let me elaborate. We were hired by a large Mexican Corporation, the Attendees' spouses of a well known Mexican Corporation held an event at your resort and while the executives were busy with their meetings and presentations most of the spouses were out venturing the facilities. They fell in love with the area and ended up in various Timeshare sales meetings. They reportedly discovered that many of the resorts believe Americans and Canadians spend more money than Mexicans, and therefore limit the Mexican memberships to off-season (generally May through October-excluding major foreign holiday weeks). They also reported that while talking with foreigners at the breakfast buffets, they found that many resorts often charge Mexicans higher maintenance fees every time they use a week. When questioned about this, many resorts stated that because most Mexicans drive and bring more people, they are justified in charging them up to 2-3 times higher maintenance fees. Our current customers are top executives at one of the largest Mexican corporations and were outraged. They want the superior "International" membership usually providing usage during 48 of the 52 weeks, many more benefits, and much lower maintenance fees. Several of our customers previously attempted to purchase using the internet, but they were scammed. Because their employer is one of our long-time customers, they turned to us for assistance, knowing that the nature of our business provides us with close connections at many of these resorts. Since, this is outside of our normal business, we agreed to find sellers if they would do these three things:

1. Make reasonable offers that Sellers would be willing to accept.

2. Deposit the full purchase price and all additional required funds into a nonrefundable account administered by an approved reputable escrow company.

3. Execute a guaranteed contract whereby all Parties in compliance with the contract are guaranteed the result afforded by the contract and agreeing to forfeit all deposits to escrow (purchase price, escrow fee, our 5% fee, all additional related costs) should they fail to comply and complete the transaction.

WHO ARE THE BUYERS? Our current buyers are executives of a large Mexican corporation which is one of our oldest and biggest customers.

WHO/WHAT IS ESCROW? We have done business for many years with international companies and we have been in business since March, 07 2003. We are registered with the secretary of state and we have an outstanding record and good relationship with attorneys and reputable government accredited notary’s, who are the ones that push all the paper work. This makes for a successful and safe international transaction. We have been working hand in hand for 5 years, since we started doing these international transactions.


Our company guarantees the contracts will close. We are familiar with the various types of international Timeshare transfers of ownership and the specific laws associated with the closing process. We are also well versed in the relevant locations, as protocol varies significantly depending on locations and individual contracts.

How Long Have You Been in Business? Avalon Title and Escrow, LLC has been in business since March 07, 2003. IS YOUR PURCHASE/SALE GUARANTEED? As soon as the Title/Escrow Company/Agent confirms the deposit of the purchase funds, we begin contacting Owners/Potential Sellers at the requested resort. Once we receive a signed contract from a Seller, the corresponding funds are transferred from the General Escrow/Trust Account to an individual account naming each particular Seller or Sellers as the final beneficiary(ies) of the funds. Each individual Escrow/Trust account number is the same as the Contract Number. Next, all Parties will receive notice of the scheduled Closing Date. The Escrow Officer will send the appropriate closing documents to you. Depending on how quickly individuals respond and /or cooperate, the closing should take place approximately 30-45 days from receiving the signed contract from the Seller. Because the Buyers have signed guaranteed contracts and have deposited the full purchase funds into a non-refundable account, your payment is assured. The guaranteed contracts assure that if any Party reneges, all other Parties have the same outcome as if the sale had closed – at the expense of the injuring Party only. If a Buyer backs out, that Buyer forfeits all funds including the full purchase price and all other deposits for related expenses and costs, which are then disbursed as if the transaction had closed. This provides fulfillment of the agreement’s guarantee – that you will be paid.


Escrow will need to know how you want to receive your payment: Cashier’s Check (sent via FEDEX Next Day Delivery and requires one Seller’s signature at delivery) or Bank Wire directly into your bank account. Note- Escrow has suggested that you open a new account strictly to receive your funds. Once the funds are received, you can transfer or withdraw the funds, close the new account, and have no worries that anyone has your regular banking information. WHEN ARE WE REQUIRED TO RELINQUISH OWNERSHIP? You are not required to relinquish ownership until after you have received 100% of your payment, and the funds are clear. The original signed and notarized transfer document must be submitted to Escrow by you via Next Day Delivery within three (3) days AFTER you have received funds paid in full. DOES YOUR COMPANY CHARGE UPFRONT FEES? All funds, documents, property, etc. are held by Escrow until closing. Escrow will deduct our 5% Fee from your sale proceeds at closing and pay it to our company on your behalf. We will not ask you to prepay our fee! Our company does not charge any upfront fees, advertising fees, listing fees, or appraisal fees! No sale = no payment to our company!


If any of the following applies to your Timeshare or status, feel free and safe to sell your Timeshare with us:

1- The Purchase offer matches the inventory you currently own (resort, size, number of weeks, season, etc.) or it can be upgraded by the Buyer after assuming ownership.

2- Your Timeshare has international exchanges available through 3rd party exchange company(ies). Buyer will be required to purchase these 3rd party memberships with each exchange company in order to use these benefits.

3- You are currently up to date with your resort. If you currently owe maintenance fees, past due balance, taxes, interest, insurance, unpaid room service fees, renovation fees, unpaid restaurant or activities amounts, etc., Escrow will provide you with professional assistance to assure your timeshare can be transferred to the Buyer free & clear after closing. Escrow will facilitate and coordinate everything required, including providing you with all necessary documents and instructions for this process.

4- You have tried to sell/rent your Timeshare in the past WITHOUT success. We can provide you with FREE advice before moving forward. Our company is aware of many fraudulent companies, so our Contracts include a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.