About Us

AVALON TITLE AND ESCROW, LLC. was established March 7, 2003 as an independent title and escrow company. With our main office located at 7535 East Hampden Avenue, Suite 400, Denver, Colorado, 80231, U.S.A., we have grown to multiple international branches.

Our staff holds a total of 15+ years of escrow experience. With very diverse and rich experience, we have successfully closed over 10,000 transactions for our clients.

We handle a wide variety of escrow transactions, including a variety of properties and assets: residential, commercial, bulk sale, REO, Short Sale, investment, Timeshares, manufactured homes, refinance transactions, and our specialty -- international transactions.


A full range of professional title and escrow services from one of the fastest growing companies in the area. AVALON TITLE AND ESCROW, LLC. was founded with a drive to change how person-to-person business is done, and to level the playing field for both sides of a transaction. By leveraging technology and traditional banking solutions, AVALON TITLE AND ESCROW, LLC. provides TRUST to all parties.

As a Seller, you have the confidence that you will get exactly what you deserve for your prime Timeshare. As a seller you can feel safe, we have eliminated the financial risk of scams and fraud. Funds in escrow in the U.S. are cleared through the Federal Reserve removing the risk of charge backs. Funds in escrow in foreign countries are cleared through each country’s main banking system, whether required by that country or not.